Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's new from Jotman?

In 2009 JOTMAN.COM will continue to be the place where I post original commentary on various issues, reviews -- and from time to time -- live reports. But there are some other sites I want you to know about.

Jotman's newest development is a website called THERELIVE.COM. We launched THERELIVE in January 2009 as a way to provide encouragement and support to bloggers who find themselves -- as I have from time to time -- on the scene when something interesting happens. The purpose of THERELIVE is to track live-bloggers worldwide. The website explains the concept further. So if you were "there live" at a major event -- or know of someone who was -- let me know!

In 2009, I intend to bring you more live firsthand reports, reviews of good books, and street-level perspectives on developments. When big stories break I will strive to bring you highlights from the alternative viewpoints of "there live" bloggers. JOTMAN.COM will be more of a reporter's blog, and more of a conduit to the best of other bloggers' "there live" reporting.

World of Jots
What is the World of Jots, and how does it relate to Jotman?

World of Jots is simply an umbrella phrase that refers some other blogs Jotman keeps -- in addition to JOTMAN.COM. Most of these blogs are repositories for additional ideas, things that catch my eye but which I may not feel like saying much about at the time. Or specific thoughts that are on specialized topics or localized -- things that may not interest a wider group of readers.

Some of these blogs are "regional," others are "thematic" (See the blog lists at right).

World of Jots - Regions
When I find interesting ideas or perspectives in the press, I may choose to post a link to the story at a regional blog: Jot USA, Jot Mid East, Jot East Asia, etc (See list at right). I urge readers who have a strong interest in one particular region to subscribe to Jotman through one of these sites. This way, you receive posts plus any alerts specific to that region.

World of Jots - Themes
In a similar fashion, I update two other blogs, Jot the planet green and Jot your life. At the first blog, I link to articles about environmental issues. At the latter, I refer readers to news about health and wellness discoveries.

My third thematic blog, Jot around the world, used to be called Jotazine. The new name highlights the fact that Jot around the world is about travel. It is similar to Jotman in so far as it is a repository for original material, firsthand reports, and analysis. Of course, it's also where I share travel tips. I have written quite a bit about travel health.

A note about subscriptions

If you don't want to subscribe to any of my other blogs, yet don't want to miss anything either, just visit this website and check out the -- now expanded -- sidebars for updates on anything I have posted elsewhere.

But you can also tailor your Jotman subscription to your personal preferences:
  • If you have a strong interest in a specific region, you might want to subscribe to Jotman through a regional blog (see list at right). This way you will get JOTMAN.COM content plus extra content related to that region.
  • If you want mainly original reports from Jotman, subscribe to either JOTMAN.COM or Jot around the world.
  • If you want health and wellness updates you can subscribe to Jot your life beautiful.
  • If you want to know who is live-blogging breaking events around the world, I urge you to subscribe to THERELIVE.COM -- whether by feed, email, or Twitter.
  • If you want it all. . . . By subscribing to "World of Jots" email or blog feed, you get everything!
In so far as blogging goes, my top priorities are maintaining JOTMAN.COM and developing THERELIVE.COM.

Is there something you would like to see (or not) from Jotman? I invite your comments or emails!

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