Saturday, January 17, 2009

Queen Noor: Why Palestinian moderates lost ground

Speaking on MSNBC Jordan's Queen Noor made a compelling point about why moderates in Palestine have seen their position undermined by Hamas in recent years. Queen Noor said:
You cannot go back to the status quo. We need an immediate cessation of violence on both sides. The crossings have to be opened. Humanitarian aid has to be let in.

The reason the Palestinian Authority lost ground -- in fact lost elections to Hamas in the Gaza strip -- and is weak now, is that it has no political accomplishments to show for its engagement with Israel and the United States. And the settlement building has increased -- has continued to increase -- the blockages on the West Bank -- as well into Gaza -- have increased, making economic life in all the Palestinian Territories absolutely impossible.
Wherever moderates have nothing to show for their moderation, people inevitably turn to more extremist leaders. How this dynamic -- which seems to explain what is happening with regards to the Palestinians -- serves Israel's own long-term strategic interests is a mystery. At least to me!

You can watch the two part video of the discussion which included Queen Noor here.

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