Friday, January 9, 2009

Norwegian doctor in Gaza interviewed

Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor, tells Sky News that "fifty percent" of the casualties in Gaza are "women and children," noting that the average age of Gaza residents is 17 years. "A poor and very young people" have nowhere to escape, according to the doctor. He adds: "they are bombing 1.5 million people in a cage. And you cannot separate militants from civilians in such a situation." The short interview is informative:

Prof. Said Abdelwahed, a father with children blogging from Gaza, writes today that "So far 10 paramedics lost their lives while working to save lives of others! Death tool jumps up to 800 and the injured to more than 3100. Gaza's poorly equipped hospitals are unable to manage those casualties." Find links to blogged eyewitness accounts of the war as told by Gaza residents -- including Abdelwahed -- at ThereLive.

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  1. Still no word about Hamas


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