Monday, December 1, 2008

Thaksin in border town of Koh Kong, Cambodia

Thai Rath reports that convicted and exiled former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin is in the Cambodian border town of Koh Kong (hat-tip Bangkok Pundit).

An interview conducted last week with Thaksin was published in Arabian Business this weekend. Also, journalist Thomas Crampton recently interviewed Thaksin. A video of the Crampton interview was posted on Crampton's blog this weekend:

In an article published last week in The Nation which described the Thaksin interview with Arabian Business, it was reported that Thaksin had vowed to return to politics (this post). Judging by the report of his appearance in Cambodia, that day may arrive sooner than almost anyone might have anticipated.

Perhaps the most memorable line from the interview (see the Arabian Business article) was when Thaksin said:
"The coup is still there - it has been transformed from a military coup to a judicial coup."
Many believe that any judicial coup will further be entrenched this week when the Constitutional Court rules on whether the governing Thaksin-aligned PPP party should be dissolved. See my previous post.

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