Friday, December 12, 2008

Drug abuse shift: Mission Accomplished?

First, the good news hailed by President Bush. AP reports Bush has
focused on a 25 percent drop in overall drug use among youths since 2001, when he took office.
The bad? Bloomberg reports that a
2008 survey found that at least one in eight high school seniors reported abusing prescription painkillers and stimulants obtained from friends, relatives or schoolmates.
Eight years of Bush Administration's policies spell out "Mission Accomplished" for America's vast legal drug cartel.

Video: As you can tell by the video, I'm going to leverage blogging to get into the pharmaceuticals business. You can personalize your own drugs at Get Your Drug On. Hat-tip Davidrothman.


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  2. Accomplished? I personally don't think so. As there are still a lot of people addicted to drugs and drugs are still available in the market. And teens are becoming victims of this problems. Government should be strict at their laws and provide deterrent laws that would minimize if not eradicate this problem involving drugs.

  3. Inpatient rehab,

    My point was not to make light of the seriousness of drug abuse, but to point out that legal drugs get abused too.

    And when legal drugs are heavily marketed, this may bring profits to big pharmaceutical companies ("mission accomplished"), but it also opens the door to another kind of drug abuse.

    In regards to the need for laws, it is clear that the present -- by global standards, extremely harsh -- drug laws have proved quite ineffective at stemming abuse.

    The US would seem to need not more drug laws, but better drug laws.


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