Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terror attacks in Bombay (Mumbai)

It's 04:15 in Bangkok, 02:45 in Mumbai, 16:15 in NY City.

CNN reports: "Gunmen have targeted seven locations in south Mumbai, including two luxury hotels. A local government official says at least 78 people have been killed. One police official said his force was still engaged in a gunfight at the hotels. Hostages are being held, police told CNN-IBN."

But Tweeter, not CNN is leading the coverage. First some blog reports coming in from Mumbai:
  • MB blog reports that "Reports are coming in that a lot of American and British tourists are being held hostage at the Oberoi Hotel. Other reports point to similar situation at the Taj Hotel."
  • MB also reports, "Hostages are lobbing grenades out of the windows at both the Taj and Oberoi as reported by bystanders."

List of targets from the Times of India (via MB):

The attack locations so far are

Location Type of Attack
Leopold Cafe, Colaba Shooting
Hotel Taj Intercontinental Shooting and explosions
Hotel Trident (Oberoi) Shooting and explosions
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Shooting
Mazagaon Docks Explosion
Vile Parle suburb, North Mumbai Explosion

Twitter reports:

There is lot of talk on the blogosphere about how useful Twitter has been in getting out reports.

studioonedj: The #mumbai is a new level of citizens breaking news. Those watching the feed are watching history.

vlkun: is amazed at how much more effective twitter and flickr are than CNN or the mainstream news about the attacks.

dkris: RT @ahmaurya: RT @rotkapchen: HC! CNN Reporter just said, "We went to Twitter to see how this was unfolding" !!! #mumbai Twitter rocks
Significant tweets:
OK I'm signing off on this post now. It's now 03:15 in Mumbai and 16:45 in NY City.

Update: there is a Wikipedia page for the attacks set up here.

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