Sunday, November 2, 2008

Phonecall Nicolas Sarkozy did not make to Sarah Palin

AP has the story behind it.

Some French translations and clarifications (ABC News and TPM):
  • MASKED AVENGERS: I follow your campaigns closely with my special American adviser Johnny Hallyday, you know? [Note: Hallyday is a French singer and actor.]
  • MASKED AVENGERS: Exactly, we could go try hunting by helicopter like you did. I never did that. Like we say in French, on pourrait tuer des bebe phoques, aussi [Translation: We could also kill some baby seals.]
  • MASKED AVENGERS: Some people said in the last days and I thought that was mean that you weren't experienced enough in foreign relations and you know that's completely false. That's the thing that I said to my great friend, the prime minister of Canada Stef Carse. [Note: That is not the name of the prime minister of Canada. The prime minster of Canada, since January 2006, is Stephen Harper. THIS is Stef Carse.]
  • MASKED AVENGERS: I was wondering because you are so next to him, one of my good friends, the prime minister of Quebec, Mr. Richard Z. Sirois, have you met him recently? Did he come to one of your rallies? [Note: There is no prime minister of Quebec, though there is a premier. His name is Jean Charest. Sirois is a Canadian humorist.]
  • MASKED AVENGERS: Yes, in French, it's called de rouge a levre sur un cochon, or if you prefer in English Joe the Plumber, [sings] It's his life, Joe the Plumber..." [Translation: Lipstick for a pig (or cochonne meaning "slut").]

When fake Sarkozy told Palin that he could see Belgium, it served as a reminder Sarah Palin's foreign policy credentials are slim. The phone call illustrates to me just how vulnerable Palin would be to various kinds of deception were she to be elected.

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