Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Vs McCain in the Wall Street Journal

wObama and McCain both have opinion pieces in Monday's WSJ. One difference struck me: Whereas under 10% of Obama's article concerns foreign policy, nearly 40% of McCain's deals with Commander in Chief issues.

McCain remains the better positioned of the two candidates to reap the benefits of any last-hour international storm. McCain will be campaigning in Florida Monday where increased anxiety among elderly Jewish voters over the fate of Israel could tip Florida in his favor.

Most of Obama's article dealt with the economy. Discussing the economy, McCain suggests the trouble on Wall Street boils down to a matter of character: "We must reverse the corruption and arrogance that have overtaken these institutions. . . ." On the other hand, Obama points to ". . . the complete lack of regulatory oversight. . . ."

Only one candidate comes across as having a clue about how the financial crisis actually came about.

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