Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Live-blogging spontaneous celebration of Obama victory on streets of DC

What a night! What a night!

The exhilaration! The evening was absolutely incredible. Early in the evening, when Obama was declared the victor, the whole bar -- filled with DC residents of every ethnicity -- erupted in cheers. The cheers didn't stop. An African American man seated next to me began crying.

CNN mentioned that a party had started on Pennsylvania Avenue. So we left the bar and walked there.

From late Tuesday night to the early hours of Wednesday night Pennsylvania Avenue exploded in joyful celebration, the likes of which I have never seen.

The night ended with a dancing march through the city. As we danced up the street, people stopped their cars, rolled down the windows and shouted "Obama! Obama!" Towards the end of the procession, some of these cars even followed along.

Like the much of the country, those celebrating felt mixture of relief, good-riddance to Bush, and most of all, pure joy at the historical significance of the occasion. Against all odds, Obama had actually triumphed!

This video clip gives you a taste of this spontaneous explosion of happiness on the street's of America's capital last night.

This is not the same country it was yesterday.


  1. New York here. *Everywhere* was a party. That includes cab drivers blaring their horns. I live near Washington Sq and through the night I kept hearing all kinds of things - fireworks, who knows what?

    Here's some photos from all around NYC:

    NYC Obama Celebrations


  2. I was there....A night unlike ANY other!! :-D


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