Friday, November 7, 2008

Get out the way Bush! Get Out The WAY Bush!

On Tuesday, the people of the United States served George W. Bush and his supporters their eviction notice. Late that night, the people of America's capital -- by the thousands -- walked up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. They wanted to make sure that the Bush got word of the country's decision. Their message for Bush? Start packing.

Afraid the People might try to hasten Bush's departure, I was told that Bush and his family had been relocated to building across the street for the evening. Of course, they had nothing to worry about.

If one issue distinguishes the celebrants from Bush, it is the desire of the former to restore the Constitution and uphold international law.

It is no small irony that on account of the document which Bush has so tarnished, the president enjoys a legal protection not offered millions of Americans now faced with mortgage foreclosures: at least two months' notice prior to eviction.

Watch the video.

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