Sunday, November 9, 2008

Deception in Fox News' coverage of Obama election victory exposed


I have proof Fox News coverage of Obama's 2008 election victory was distorted and unbalanced. Compare what Fox News chose to show on election night, to Jotman's own eyewitness account.

The day after Obama's historic election victory, Fox News decided to do a story on "Communist symbolism" at the Obama victory rally outside the White House. Various right-wing video bloggers have run with the theme.

In this interesting live video-blog, (Fox? NBC?) television news viewers respond with dismay to a televised account of the Pennsylvania Avenue celebration filmed from inside the White House compound (Interesting perspective the network news cameraman chose). Fox and perhaps some other television news coverage of the event had given viewers the impression that something quite ominous might be happening on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now check out this Jotman video. It's one of several videos I made depicting the spontaneous celebrations in the nation's capital. The video scenes I show were taken from outside the gates. What a contrast to the FoxNews perspective!

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