Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bangkok airport hijacked

It's 16:00 in Bangkok and 09:00 in London

One of Asia's most important airports has been successfully hijacked by an anti-government mob. The Sydney Morning Herald reports on a startling development:
"The PAD has completely taken control of Suvarnabhumi Airport so any airline that wants to take off or land must seek permission from us directly,'' said Chaiwat Sinswuwong, one of the leaders of the People's Alliance for Democracy.
The PAD demonstrators who surrounded Bangkok's Suvarnbumi airport have taken over the control tower according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. (Hat-tip to Bangkok Pundit).

BP also reports that according to the Thai newspaper Matichon, Thai army chief Anupong "has called a meeting of all government departments, ministries, and leaders of business associations, bank presidents etc for 2pm at Army HQ."

I expect Bangkok Pundit will be updating on the developments in the Thai capital through the afternoon and evening.

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