Friday, October 3, 2008

Why Obama and Biden lead in the polls

One close call after another . . .
This way and that . . .
Twistin' and turnin' at the blink of an eye.

A description of the McCain-Palin campaign to date? Actually, the above lines are from an advertisement promoting a new roller coaster called the "Maverick."

A Jotman reader writes:
CNN had a citizen panel that was tracking the candidates' debate performance. They scored the performance in real time. I noticed the group gave Palin low scores whenever she used the word "maverick." Nevertheless, both McCain and Palin have continued to remind voters that they are "mavericks" as if this makes them more desirable leaders.
Interesting point. In these uncertain times do voters really want to trust their life's savings, homes, and jobs to politicians who call themselves "mavericks?" I think not. I think people want the steady, the cautious, the discerning. Above all, they want intelligence. They don't want a pair of mavericks. It's bad marketing, the wrong label for the times.

Rove has won elections for the Republicans by portraying various Democratic Party candidates' strengths as weaknesses (i.e. to be well spoken and popular makes you a celebrity; to be a connoisseur makes you an elitist). Isn't it high time the Obama campaign unpacked the implications of the "maverick" label?
Photo: shows Maverick, the western-themed roller coaster that opened in Cleveland, Ohio in 2007. According to the Plain-Dealer, "A 105-foot-tall first hill followed by a drop of 100 feet at an incredible 95 degrees, a twisted horseshoe roll which features back-to-back inversions and a second launch through a completely dark tunnel where guests reach speeds of up to 70 mph are sure to thrill." Minus the "sure thrill" aspect, might this not be an apt description of the financial crisis to date?

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  1. Maverick the Roller Coaster! The comparison to the McCain-Palin campaign is brilliant. Good work Jotman!


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