Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wack Jobs

One unidentified staffer told that the Alaska governor was a "whack job." - AFP
Here is the definition of a "wack job" according to the Urban Dictionary:
Someone who is crazy and/or has lost their mind and acts like a damn lunatic. Someone you should avoid at all costs as they may be a harm to yourself or others.

Let's cross the street. We don't want to walk next to that wack job on the corner who's walking in circles and talking to himself.

In my estimation the definition certainly fits Sarah Palin; particularly the ". . . avoid at all cost as they may be a harm to yourself or others" part. But the "walking in circles" example does not remind me of Palin so much as it brings to mind John McCain's performance during the second presidential debate.*
* Live-blogging the second debate, I jotted: "M doesn't look at O as he speaks. Walking in circles like he's lost."

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