Friday, October 10, 2008

Thailand: ex-cabinet member Chavalit wants military coup

The Bangkok Post reports:
Former deputy prime minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, who resigned from the cabinet for ordering police attacks on PAD demonstrations on Tuesday, now says a military-led coup d'etat is the only way to resolve the political strife.
This is how Cavalit explains his brilliant idea:
Gen Chavalit said Gen Anupong should immediately return power after staging a coup to allow an interim government to be installed and tackle the political turmoil.

"There is no other way out. A House dissolution cannot solve the problem. The problem can be solved by three institutions - the monarchy, which remains politically neutral, the military, which appears to be not interested in intervening, and the government, which stays above the problem.

"So I see [the answer in] a putsch. After the military steps in, power should immediately be returned to the people and an interim government can be formed in which every party takes part.

"Tell him [Gen Anupong] not to be afraid. After he does it [stage a coup], he should pull out and let the people take it from there," he said.
Why does Chavalit not call for an election, but a coup? In democracies people change governments by way of elections.

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  1. "why" - I think is merely a rhetoric question, which we already know answer for ! ;)

    coz elections are out of question: all these so called "Democrates" (fonzi rightly shamed them !) can't win elections, since they do not represent the poor rural folks.

    therefore the ELITIST MOB (=PAD) has coup as only one option. they have used this option already in 2006 and now once again they do everything possible to provoke and disbalance government and force military to take over.

    SHAME on PAD thugs !


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