Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thailand: coup rumors

I just removed a post concerning word about "tank movements in Bangkok" in the early hours of Tuesday morning. I have been unable to confirm it.

However, speculation about a coup may be justified at this hour. On Monday, Thailand's PM met with HM the King of Thailand. The Nation reports on the outcome of that meeting:
A grim-looking Somchai was tightlipped upon his return from a royal audience with HM the King in Hua Hin, saying only that he gave the monarch "a normal report on government work like all other prime ministers used to do".

When asked if HM the King gave him any advice or encouragement, Somchai said: "I'm afraid I can't talk about that."
According to the Nation article, there is speculation that the PM might have decided to dissolve parliament. If so, conceivably a coup d'etat might be orchestrated to prevent the government from calling another election (which it would, presumably, win).

Also, the attendance of HM the Queen of Thailand at the funeral of a protester on Monday could mean various things. Was it meant to be taken as a signal that the monarchy disapproves of the protesters? Not likely.

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