Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spy on us, we're Americans

Back in August 2007 I blogged:
I have a hunch this kind of proposal is just about enough to set off a firestorm of outrage. I don't think I'm alone in finding this plan absolutely and utterly unconscionable.
Jotman sure called that one wrong! Raw Story reports:
The Department of Homeland Security has been given the money it needs to begin turning international spy satellites within the country's borders, despite lingering fears about the program's lack of focus and the potential for it to infringe upon Americans' civil liberties.

After more than a year of delay, Congress quietly authorized DHS to begin sharing data gathered by military satellites with civilian and law enforcement agencies. A $634 billion spending bill signed into law earlier this week provides funds for DHS to establish the satellite surveillance program, known as the National Applications Office, without addressing the myriad concerns about NAO privacy and civil liberties protections that had been delaying its implementation.
* Hat-tip 10%. More at WSJ.
Photo: shows the liberty bell. Back in the day, freedom was connected to Americans' sense of identity as a people. But that was another time.

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