Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It will cost you everything

I took this photo of some lovely Indonesians who live on the edge of a garbage dump in Jakarta. This video -- showing their neighbors hard at work on the dump -- is not to be missed.

"It will cost you everything" was the subtitle of "Blood Diamond" starting Leonardo DiCaprio. A large advertisement for the blockbuster movie about impoverished Africans is visible in the background.

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  1. this is just a small example of poverty which is the result of "economic imperialism" (John Pilger's movie "New rulers of the world" comes to mind)

    food shortage is a REALITY in a large part of the world. and "global warming" campaign with its promotion of bio-fuels is greatly increasing this food shortage - because mostly it is 3rd world country who suffer, because they switch to growing more crops used to produce those fuels and reduce a lot the production of grains and food crops which are ALREADY insufficient to feed the whole population of planet.

    recent (6-7 mths ago) "rice crisis" in Asia has been only a glimpse of the larger problems to come. that time former Thai PM Samak has visited Vietnam and as I recall media reported him saying that Asian rice producing countries must form similar cartel as OPEC - and even the name was mentioned OREC - which would determine the policies of rice trade and sell it for forex reserve currencies (whatever that would be - since dollar already has no more monopoly)

    according to Lyndon LaRouche, Soros plays a major role in plunging Asian countries further into poverty and hunger.


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