Thursday, October 9, 2008

Has Thailand's justice system sided with the PAD insurrection?

In a July 2008 post I address the question as to the meaning of Thailand's so called "judicial revolution." The answer should be rather clear at this point. Writing in the Asia Sentinal this week, Thai scholar Giles commented:
The courts are practicing double standards, attacking Thaksin and Thai Rak Thai/People’s Power Party corruption while ignoring illegal coups, mob violence and corruption by opposition politicians and the military.
A story in Thursday's Bangkok Post provides the most recent evidence of this trend:
The Appeals Court on Thursday dropped insurrection charges against all PAD leaders, and core leaders Chamlong Srimuang and Chaiwat Sinsuwong won bail to return to the protest stage at the People's Alliance for Democracy.

The Appeals Court maintained two of the original five charges against the nine PAD leaders, but dismissed the controversial treason charge.

Sondhi Limthongkul and fellow PAD leaders said they would now surrender to the court. They had refused to report to authorities after the government filed charges last month.

How is it that powerful PAD leaders like Sondhi choose to "surrender" to the court at their convenience?


  1. Thank you for updating us ignorant Americans on these issues. Our news sources are focussd on domestic politics, and if mentioned at all, do not go into detail regarding the true situation in Thailand.

  2. Ordinary men in the street also begin to notice recent court rulings. If they begin to think the court is lenient to mobs who captured a TV station and occupy Govt House for weeks, Thai judiciary will begin to lose people's faith.

  3. "How is it that powerful PAD leaders like Sondhi choose to "surrender" to the court at their convenience?"

    This is the same country where, Thaksin, the "human rights abuser of the worst kind" (according to Human Rights Watch), is allowed to escape trial and is still living luxuriously in London, commanding his minions to cause all sorts of havoc in Thailand.

    The rich and powerful are above the law in Thailand. Look at the people on the Cabinet, the parliamentarians, the military, the police... they are mostly a bunch of crooks/mafia/gangsters. There is no rule of law in Thailand.


  4. OF COURSE it has sided !
    anyone has ever had any doubts?

    I agree with Jun: Thailand is run by elitist mob ! ever has been and ever will be.

    all this is just a big freaking show! in reality - one bunch of elite is fighting with another for better slice of pie. and ordinary people are simply being used to support either.


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