Sunday, October 12, 2008

The American leader

It struck to me yesterday.

The election is something of a necessary formality. The present occupant of the White House, a mere symbol. Like the Queen of England. In fact, her Prime Minster, Gordon Brown, is more the American leader than either of the top Republicans.

Whatever Bush or McCain has say about the financial crisis is irrelevant. Do you expect leadership from Bush? From McCain? On the economy? Who among us would look to Bush, McCain -- or even Paulson?

This observation, coupled with the recent poll numbers giving Obama a commanding lead -- numbers that have risen inversely with the fall of the Dow -- indicate to me that Obama is, in fact if not in name, the American leader. Bush may try to govern, McCain may rant, but the people follow Obama.

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  1. that's a good post !
    and congratulation with your realization.

    here is one source worth visiting, which especially discusses at length this matter you raise :

    also another clip which is although a bit to blunt, but straight to the point:


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