Monday, September 1, 2008

Thailand: bomb explodes at Government House

Reuters reports:

BANGKOK: A small bomb exploded in a police booth near the occupied compound of Thai Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej early on Monday, shattering nearby windows but injuring nobody, police said.

Police blamed the blast on attack on agitators trying to depict them as incapable of maintaining security in the capital, where the protest occupation of Government House is now in its seventh day.

"They want to show that the government and the police are too weak to protect the people," national police spokesman Surapol Thuanthong told Reuters. "It is something we expected would have happened."

The bomb detonated shortly after the end of a joint parliament session initiated by Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej to seek a way out of the political turmoil that has raised fears of bloodshed and economic growth

More about the "mob protests" in Bangkok here.


  1. 4.20 am

    Channel 3 broadcasts Live the development of events. "red" and "yellow" brace for confrontation. police tries to prevent bloodshed.
    which in fact has already started.

    BP quotes Matichon - that police has confiscated weapons from PAD, gives numbers.

    now they show both groups throw stones and other heavy things at each other...

    police on the move...

    hard to understand who is who, since actually all of them have at least one piece of yellow cloth.

    oh, now they show some guys in sort of military uniform ! is that military police?

    well finally it seems like they play same clips over and over.

    now NBT it seems showing Live. I saw some guys beating man with stick, although do not know who is who. some it seems wearing even white color. some wear blue. shooting slings too. I think these are PAD fighters. coz it looks like very near to the Makkawan bridge and that huge PAD poster of Thaksin and his wife "Most wanted"

    "Rainbow mess" !

    "reds" it seems also have ambulances or some sort of that, vans - loading wounded. yeah, ambulance. so, I guessed correct - those were PAD beating up anyone who approaches near to their camp. all of them wearing helmets. definitely PAD is much better prepared.

    footage shows disposed shells, wholes in car's glass.. so, guns are also in use already.

    "military police" (?) is on the move.

    actually, A LOT of people making videos, photos ! I saw one foreigner with camera too.

    oops, in my part of Bkk (Phaonyothin) heavy rain started. but on TV doesn't look like it is raining in Dusit. perhaps rain will cool down the confrontation?

  2. SOOOOOOOOO MANY people with cameras !

    sometime it seems that those holding cameras are more than those holding clubs. many farangs, also chinese or japanese?

    at least 1 reported dead.

    from tomorrow there are promises of water and electricity being cut off.

    I think this will not be tolerated long by ordinary people who so far were trying to ignore PAD and wiat them out. I mean - you want to protest - protest! but why to create problems for other people, how it is related to the anti-government stance? it becomes more like anti-people !

    Thai protesters take aim at utilities, airline

    well, article says that utilities would be cut off for government agencies only. smart move. otherwise if they would cut them for civil population - that would have created real anger I bet !

    Sawit and others laid out plans for the work stoppage by state employees but did not say how long the action would last.

    >>>Public bus workers will halt service on 80 percent of Bangkok's 3,800 buses, with the remainder running for free, he said.<<<

    but here is what Sonthi says, he apparently openly admits that he doesn't care about public:

    >>>Sondhi Limthongkul, the senior protest leader, said he liked the idea of shutting down public services even it might anger and inconvenience many Thais.

    "I think it's one way of putting pressure on the government," Sondhi told reporters. "At the end of the day, they will see whether it's me who is the problem or Mr. Samak. All we want is Mr. Samak to go. When Samak goes, we stop."<<<

    and he seriously believes what he says? surely ordinary people will be angry with HIM, not Samak! is he so stupid to realize that?

    >>>"The Cabinet must resign and they all must be imprisoned," said Thiwa Thongkaew, a 43-year-old officer worker from the tourist resort of Krabi. <<<


    just freaking BRILLIANT idea, huh?
    why there are non such activists as Thiwa in US? Bush and Cheney must have been imprizoned long time ago!

  3. Anonymous,

    thank you for the updates! I made your previous comment into a new post:


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