Sunday, September 21, 2008

Solution to US financial crisis

Suspicious. That's my world for it. Some big firms teetered, one collapsed. The Dow fell by about 10%. Suddenly, Uncle Sam pulled out his pen, and declared that he would write the banks a check to cover most of their bad debt. The markets bounced back. We are told that a financial meltdown had been underway.

Surely a remedy that easy and (seemingly) painless cannot be good for the country.

UPDATE: Krugman says no deal.

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  1. I see no other solution than what Ron Paul has suggested, or Jim Rogers too: ABOLISH evil Fed, as well as ILLEGAL IRS (as Marco Saba said: "Internal Racket Service"; watch Aaron Russo's videos about IRS), stop wars, pull out troops from Iraq and other war zones... and use those funds to re-build country's economy, public health and education, pay out trillions of debt.

    neither Obama nor McCain can't possibly make any difference into these matters - and Ron Paul has clearly mentioned this many times.


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