Friday, September 19, 2008

McCain on Spain

You may recall that back in March -- on two occassions -- McCain got confused about who the US was fighting in Iraq, claiming that Al Quaeda was being trained by Iran. McCain's friend Joe Lieberman had to correct him.

This week an interviewer for a Spanish radio station asked McCain if he intened to meet with Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero. McCain rambled on about US relations with Latin America; it was as if McCain was unaware the entire line of questioning had concerned Spain. TPM has summarized the interview transaction:

After the interviewer presses him a couple times on the point and tries to focus him on the fact that Prime Minister Zapatero isn't from Mexico and isn't a drug lord either McCain comes back at her saying, "All I can tell you is that I have a clear record of working with leaders in the Hemisphere that are friends with us and standing up to those who are not. And that's judged on the basis of the importance of our relationship with Latin America and the entire region."

Then there's a moment of awkward pause before she says. "But what about Europe? I'm talking about the President of Spain."

McCain: "What about me, what?

Interviewer: "Are you willing to meet with him if you're elected president?"

McCain: "I am wiling to meet with any leader who is dedicated to the same principles and philosophy that we are for humans rights, democracy and freedom. And I will stand up to those who do not."

At this point, the interviewer gets tongue-tied presumably because she can't get over McCain not knowing what Spain is.

It seems back in June McCain had told an interviewer he would be happy to meet with Zapatero.
Thursday morning, McCain's creepy foreign policy advisor Randy Sheunemann issued a statement affirming that McCain had, in fact, understood that the question had concerned Spain: ". . . Senator McCain refused to commit to a White House meeting with President Zapatero in this interview." Of course, this kind of explination is inexplicably insulting to the people of Spain.

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