Friday, September 26, 2008

Massacres of Christians and minorities in India politically motivated

Is the secular fabric of India coming apart?

As of three weeks ago, Christians and minorities have been targeted in India. Fifty-six Christians have been murdered. Other minorities -- particularly Hindu Pundits -- have been been raped or killed for political reasons.

When a requests by Indian Christians to meet with visiting Prime Minister Singh was rejected by the Indian embassy, the Reverend Dr. Bernard Malik organized a protest outside the White House.

The protest coincided with a meeting between Indian Prime Minister Singh and President Bush inside the White House. Between fifty and one hundred people -- most of Indian ancestry -- stood in the rain, holding signs.

Due to security measures around the White House -- a portion of Pennsylvania Avenue had been closed to the public -- these demonstrators were not able to protest within view of the visiting Indian prime minister.

However, hundreds of representatives of the press enjoyed privileged access to the restricted portion of the street. Few if any of these reporters walked over to speak with this relatively large assembly of protesters.

Here's what Rev. Malik had to say about recent attacks against Christians and minorities in India:

Photo and video:

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  1. Thanks dear friends. We, Indian Christians want more such support. Can Bajrang Dal, RSS and VHP be banned in the US, which are mobilising money there and killing innocent Christians and burning churches and banning conversions in INDIA?


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