Monday, September 1, 2008

Magomed Yevloyev, a Russian journalist, assasinated?

Jotman reader Sanjuro informs us:
Russian sources are reporting that the journalist was killed in extremely strange circumstances. First he arrived from Moscow on the same plane with the (highly unpopular) Ingush president Murat Zyazikov, but was apprehended at the airport by other top officials, and it is rumored that he was first shot in the leg(s) to prevent escape.
Sanjuro asks if the killing might not have some relation to the fact that
Yevloyev's website was a constant irritating factor for M. Zyazikov - perhaps the least popular leader of Ingushetia ever. The provincial president enjoys nearly zero support from the populace (in contrast to his predecessor Ruslan Aushev, an Afghan war hero, respected by most population, and a prominent actor during the Beslan crisis). He is widely regarded as Putin's "company man". (Wikipedia/Zyazikov)
This killing could be part of new crackdown on free-thinking journalists in the Caucasus:
This latest killing coincides with a hint of a legal attack against Yulia Latynina, a prominent journalist who writes on North Caucasus affairs in several liberal media outlets. I usually found her reports on the Chechen/Ingush/Dagestan affairs very well informed, she seems to know many local strongmen and warlords in person. Until recently she seemed to enjoy an immunity of sorts, but this seems to be coming to an end. (Wikipedia/Latynina)
Sources: BBC, (Russian), Wikipedia/Ingushetia Wikipedia/Yevloyev

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