Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thailand political unrest - forecast for Sunday

Update: New Mandala has interesting photographs showing protesters on Aug. 29.

According to a report in The Nation
  • Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej may dissolve Parliament [Sunday] as his own resignation alone would not solve the crisis, Chiang Mai People Power Party MP Surapong Towijakchaikul said yesterday.
  • Samut Prakarn MP Pracha Prasopdee said the anti-PAD Democratic Alliance for Democracy had called on its supporters to rally at Sanam Luang.
  • scheduled 1.30pm today for a parliamentary meeting for MPs and senators to discuss solving the political crisis.
Meanwhile, according to several reports that have come in, Thai television is not doing a very good job of informing citizens about current events and civil unrest. A traveler who was at Bangkok's international airport a few hours ago informs me that there was much confusion and crowding at the terminal -- long wait for a taxi. Among Thai citizens, there is much confusion in the capital. Someone commenting on this blog has summarized events in Bangkok on Saturday:
. . . well, prince promoting unity gives speech and PM attends it ("From Mother Day to Father Day" ceremony at the Amporn Garden) while ... mob occupies the government house and the clerks can't come to do their work... mob attacks police HQ ... mob attacks airports and vandalizes terminals ... army boss refuses to follow what PM says...

Also, Nation reports that at the same time princess (who is BTW also crown, as brother) arranges medical communication help for PAD - seems like she supports them?

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  1. Live broadcasting on PBS, NBT, TTV (Nation) - Thai Parlament meeting. Samak is speaking, after Abhisit just finished.

    Blame Game in Parliament

    Anupong's classmate endorsed as Chief commander

    Chief of Police transferred


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