Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Vs Dan Quayle

An MSNBC announcer, apparently at a loss for words on McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as McCain's vice-presidential running mate, quipped, ""She certainly had a more compelling first speech than did Dan Quayle." That's an interesting comparison, but an unfair one.

It's unfair to Dan Quayle. Quayle had served two terms in the US House of Representatives, followed by eight years as US Senator for Indiana before George H.W. Bush asked him to be his running mate twenty years ago.* By contrast, Sarah Palin has been Governor of Alaska (pop. 600,000) for less than two years, prior to which she was mayor of Wasilla (pop. 7,000). Dan Quayle was far better qualified to be asked to join a presidential ticket than Sarah Palin.

Last week I blogged, "Judging by McCain's track-record of team-building to date, it is highly doubtful he will choose well." My concern about John McCain's lack of judgment has been confirmed. John McCain is not only the oldest presidential candidate in US history, he is to be counted among its most irresponsible.

* Wikipedia


  1. My real concern is that McCain, at 72 years old may have health issues when faced with the stresses that all presidents deal with. We've seen how the job ages them.

    The next in line is a person who has not been tested in politics at all except on a small scale. Being Governor of a state with fewer than 1 million people is not the same as tackling global issues and being confronted by world leaders. And she's only been governor for 2 years?

    I like to think that I am a smart guy too, but I'm not ready to lead America. I don't think Palin is either.

  2. Lest we not forget. My friend made this to remind me how bad it could be.

  3. john,

    I think you're right on both counts.


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