Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia-Georgia crisis as campaign issue: McCain Vs Obama

Onnik Krikorian blogs at Global Voices:
. . . where the U.S. Presidential candidates stand on the matter is fast becoming a significant campaign issue.

While Republican candidate John McCain takes a firm anti-Russian stand, the Democratic Party's Barack Obama is more neutral on the matter and calls for restraint from both Georgia and Russia.
Knigge at Across the Pond has the details, observing:
. . . as Jonathan Martin points out accurately, McCain took a tougher stance on Russia than President George W. Bush. The White House's response was basically in line with Obama's demanding respect for Georgia's territorial integrity while urging restraint from all parties.
The stark contrast between the candidates concerning the Georgia crisis should come as no surprise. As Farheed Zakarai noted, McCain's foreign policy stance toward Russia and China is quite antagonistic. McCain would gratuitously alienate these powers, without standing a chance of gaining anything concrete in return for his belligerency. Sound familiar? In effect, McCain would approach Russia and China much the way Bush has approached Iran and North Korea.

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