Friday, August 29, 2008

Putin blames US Republican Party strategists for Georgia war

Why did Georgia, a very small country, provoke a conflict with mother Russia? We simply do not know the answer to this question. McCain was certainly quick off the mark with the Churchillian rhetoric that has defined the crisis for many Americans, boosting his campaign in the opinion polls. It is now evident that the McCain campaign is run by neo-conservative extremists. "Win-at-all-costs" may well be their motto.

Reuters quotes Russian leader Vladamir Putin: "... The suspicion arises that someone in the United States especially created this conflict with the aim of making the situation more tense and creating a competitive advantage for one of the candidates fighting for the post of U.S. president."

Whether or not the Georgia conflict was scripted by Republican Party strategists is beside the point. Clearly, the McCain campaign has succeeded in explaining to the country what the Russia-Georgia conflict means. Moreover, they are begining to articulate -- based on their own constuction of meaning -- what the country ought to do about it.

Barack Obama must decide if he is going to play along with all this. Will Obama follow the Republican Party's script for Cold War II? Is Obama sufficiently independent-mined to write a different script? Will he challenge the Republican's interpretation? Or in the name of pursuing "bipartisanship" in foreign policy, more or less accept it as a given?

Putin can say whatever he wants. Who knows if his claim is true? He has not offered any tangible evidence. As for the big questions, we have a pretty good idea of where McCain stands. Even if, like me, you think he is foolish. But from the other side, rhetorical flourishes alone will not suffice. Obama needs to provide a clear and distinct alternative. He must orient his countrymen to move in a better direction.

Photo: The illustration to an article about the "U.S. Air Force's Land-based ICBM Program" on the website of Northrop Grumman. More about this in my next post.


  1. A BIT SLANDEROUS TO accuse the republicans of this. There is no evidence to support your assertions. We have a name of an individual and as passport and thats it.

  2. EXCUSE ME. My assertions? It was Putin who accused the Republicans of this, not Jotman. I wrote:

    "Who knows if this claim is true. He has not offered any tangible evidence."

    That hardly amounts to slandering the Republicans. Yet, by the same token, I cannot prove that Putin is lying.

  3. wow, wow !

    is that a Republican speaking (aka - ultra-right neo-con) ?

    seems like it has hit the nerve, hey ? ;)

    because as saying goes:
    "Do not believe anything till it is officially denied !"

    hahaha ! it seems like o'Reillian style of accusations are at place here - even threat to Jotman !

    dude - what are you trying to do, to SILENCE jotman ? try harder ! this is NOT your brainwashed IGNORANT american public - this is INTERNET and international audience. who do you think you are trying to put such ridiculous accusations and threats to BLOGGER !? Thanks God that there ar Blogs in the world and people are able to read something other than hysterical propaganda of Western MSM !

    phew !
    what a wonderful world !

    Jotman - you don't have to be defensive at all and explain something to this moron !

    instead - you have to report him to some Word Press or something, for such attack.

    unbelievable ! it is not enough for them to HYPNOTIZE the lobotomized masses in US - they want to silence independent sources as well! even though such blogs ONLY refer to some other News agencies and merely quote what others said !


    dude ! go to O'Reilly website, and NY times ! he practically INSULTS Putin by calling him names as "Vlad the Assailer" or even Dracula ! that is NOT a slander ?
    not to mention so many other reporters using words like "bear" etc. Ralph Peters calls the WHOLE NATION - "alchohol-sodden barbarians" (that is Russians) - THAT is not a SLANDER? it is PUR SLUR !

    so, shut the fcuk up and look at your own media first !

    otherwise by such attacks you only expose yourself even more for what you are: neo-con FASCISTS ! who have already silenced their own media, and now attempt to control ANYONE who dares to speak up something different !

  4. >>> Will Obama follow the Republican Party's script for Cold War II? <<<

    jotman, it is already decided long in advance ! Obama IS "voice" of CFR ! first I have heard about that in John Pilger's video. and then I saw same thing in many other places on net.

    he couldn't possibly be "independent" of their influence.

    OBAMA is here CFR REMIX

    text in the Clip:

    "The Global Elites are laughing at how stupid the American people are.. They actually got people to faint, worship, and vote for a man who is related to G. W. Bush and Dick Cheney... "

    "Barack Obama is where he is because of the CFR controlled media. Obama is CFR so stop living a lie and get into reality. McCain is also CFR and so is Hillary and the rest of those douche bags."

    the other source of this info elsewhere:

    Obama's Family Tree Has A Few Surprises. Bush, Cheney, Truman Are All Distant Relatives

    Obama speaks (or perhaps more precisely reports? ;) ) to CFR :

    Senator Barack Obama to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs
    Published April 23, 2007
    Speaker: Barack Obama
    Illinois Senator Barack Obama, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, gave this April 2007 foreign policy speech at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

    so, ultimately it doesn't really matter if it is Bush & Repugs or Obama & Dems ! coz anyway this 2 party system is an illusion of "freedom of choice", aimed to divert the attention of the public from actual realities and towards the so called political game between parties. elections are the sham anyway, and be it Bush or Obama - they are figureheads only.

    therefore - it is not the question as you pose it: Will Obama follow the Republican Party's script...

    because it is as much GOP's script as Dems ! both of them dance to the same tune. only perhaps GOP - more eagerly and joyfully.

  5. here is an interesting example of very evident bias of Western MSM.

    Neocon network caught off-guard during live interview

    (there are many versions of it with various titles, but the content the same; however it is interesting to read comments by people who has watched these clips!)

    FoxNews has been caught off guard while interviewing 12 y.o. girl and her aunt, both ethnic Ossetians, but US citizens, who has returned back from the conflict zone.

    FoxNews were full of anticipation of getting nice story of "Russian atrocities" like : "first hand experience of a little girl running away from Russian bombs and soldiers"...

    and when while narrating her story girl suddenly stopped and said: "I want to make it clear that we were running from Georgian bombing. and I THANK Russian soldiers for saving us.."

    oh, man ! you should see the face of Fox commentator !

    he immediately announced that "we'll have a commercial break" - interrupting Laura, girl's aunty in mid-sentence. and I admire the courage of this woman! she said - "yeah, I know that you don't want to hear that"...

    so, Fox was SOOO embarrassed that they had no choice but pretend like they are NOT ending this interview so abruptly because of UNWANTED truth - but because time has run out ! commentator told her: "sorry you've got only 30 seconds more to finish your statement". and later in an interview to RT Laura said that in fact it wasn't even 30 sec - but less.

    later on Laura and Amanda gave more details both about what's really going on in Georgia / Ossetia and about their experience on FoxNews ! This woman is truly mature sober person who adheres to TRUTH - she says that she is half-Ossetian and half-Georgian, NOT pro-Russian. but she just couldn't stand watching all the LIES shown on US news - like showing Tskhinvali and devastation caused by Georgian army and ... saying that it is actually Gori and rather Georgians suffering Russian aggression !

    and pay attention to what Laura says in the end about Saakashvili !

    and this sort of crap American public allows themselves to be fed by neo-con MSM !

    so, watch all these videos !
    the following two are in Russian language, but English subtitles are provided. (BTW girl evidently has grown up in US - because often she can't speak Russian language adequately, trying her best to make proper sentences.)

    Amanda Kokoeva and her aunt in an interview for Russians # 1
    Amanda Kokoeva and her aunt in an interview for Russians # 2

    here is another related video, an interview with US citizen Joe Mestas who has Ossetian wife and went there with her for a vacation:

    AMERICAN trapped in GEORGIA says Georgians Committing GENOCIDE
    and notable his call to his fellow Americans to act upon it.

  6. Amanda's story continues

    August 20, 2008
    Row escalates over U.S. media bias

    comment by one viewer:

    "My greatest respect to the two ladies who courageously spoke the truth in the very lair of the Propaganda Network!"

    indeed ! good to know that this Propaganda is being exposed now and people finally getting truth.


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