Monday, August 11, 2008

Live-blogging South Ossetia crisis from Georgia, bloggers speak of genocide

The Russians are claiming genocide in South Ossetia. The Russian media claims 2,000 dead in Tchinval. A blog called the Georgian Murderers* appears to back-up these claims with testimonies and photos. The blog appears to constitute a compellation of various survivor's accounts. Milena Farnieva blogs:
Our house has got under bombardment of the Georgian pigs. We by all case have run out from houses and have hidden in a cellar. In one hour the plane of Georgia hasdumped on us a bomb. All have died except for me. Please rescue me! On streets Goes for a walk Georgian special army and kills all: showers granades in cellars where the people are hidden… The city is empty… Us kill… Georgia wants to destroy all osetian people. In streets is complete of corpses…

Help me, I can not understand where I. I stand near a monument. My brother and daddy has died.
The relation of the dramatic photos to adjacent blog posts is a little bit unclear. Who took the photos? They are of outstanding quality. Alla tokazova blogs:
They force and kill brutally people! Do not regret anybody. Neither children, nor women! Girls take away in a captivity and it is not known, that with them! HELP us, we are hidden in cellars, the third day, there is no meal, not a water!
Additional context from the creators of the blog would be most welcome. It's hard to say just how much we should trust we should put in the blog.

*A emotional commenter at Global Voices (who links to the blog), also claims to have been in contact with desperate survivors of the Georgian attack on Tchinval.

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