Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary supporter resentment

CNN's Cafferty asks whether not picking Hillary might cost Obama the election, blogging "there are signs of lingering deep bitterness between the Obama and Clinton camps."

I had assumed Hillary supporters would "get over it," but in the back of my mind was an incident in which I had been a participant.

While residing in the US, I became a member of a spontaneously assembled community group engaged in some emergency social activism. The stakes seemed high, our time limited. We assembled. Our group absolutely had to nominate two "speakers" to represent us at an upcoming town hall meeting.

One of the three people standing for nomination declared that "as a matter of principle," one of our two representatives "must be a woman." This woman had a large number of female supporters. The other two candidates -- both male -- vehemently disagreed. Gender absolutely should not be a criteria, they argued. To make a long story short, our activist group elected two representatives to attend the town hall -- neither one was female.

The reason I bring up this story was what followed. Not only did the candidate who was not nominated quit our community activist group, but so did many of the women who had voted for her. That so many of our members had simply chosen quit the community group over the outcome of this one vote had surprised me.

Today, I can't help but wonder if a similar psychology is at play among Hillary Democrats.

Photo (by printfection) A rare sighting?

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