Thursday, June 26, 2008

US Supreme Court decision clears way for more Columbines

Remember Bowling for Columbine? Today the Supreme Court of the United States decided that local US communities do not have the right to ban guns. The highest court affirms that individual Americans -- wherever they may live -- have the Constitutional right to arm themselves to the hilt.

The 5-4 decision follows yesterday's horrible Supreme Court ruling. Wednesday the top US court ruled the world's richest corporation should not have to face punitive damages for trashing the Alaska environment. That's what happened when Exxon put a drunk captain in charge of a supertanker in 1989.

Are these decisions shocking? No. What else are we to expect from the legal minds who put George W. Bush in office?

Photo: by Jotman shows the Supreme Court.


  1. If you don't like this ruling, you might still find a silver lining: since many communities will have to re-evaluate their approach to gun control, laws might shift more to keeping guns off the black market and away from criminals. Many gun advocates have been seeking this approach for decades, and the Supreme Court might have finally pushed both sides together for this approach.

  2. That might explain why the Brady gun control group spokesman's reaction to the ruling sounded a bit favorable.


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