Monday, June 2, 2008

US Defense Secretary Gates talks about Burma

US Sec. of Defense Robert Gates says US navy ships carrying desperately needed aid supplies and 22 accompanying cargo helicopters offshore Myanmar will soon be on their way home. The NY Times article reported:
When asked whether the Myanmar government’s actions were antamount to genocide, Mr. Gates stopped short of that accusation. The way I would describe it, I guess, is criminal neglect,” he said.
Because inaction in the face of "genocide" may considered unacceptable, I think Gates would prefer not to use this word. Indeed, Gates has ruled out the use of force:
Mr. Gates said, however, that the ministers drew the line at using force to distribute aid. “There is great sensitivity all over the world to violating a country’s sovereignty,” he said, “particularly in the absence of some kind of U.N. umbrella that would authorize it.”
Can it be said the the United States went the extra mile to get such an umbrella approved at the United Nations?

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