Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Burma army forced cyclone survivors to clear roadside camp

A Jotman exclusive.

The desperate survivors of the cyclone camped along the road, but when Tobias returned the following day, the roadside was deserted. In the early hours of the morning, soldiers had forced survivors to move. The scene was eerie, as these photos, kindly provided to Jotman by Tobias Grote-Beverborg, Asia correspondent for Deutsche Welle, reveal.

Photographs © 2008 Tobias Grote-Beverborg. All Rights Reserved.


Many more photos here, the whole story is here -- where I previously blogged:
Tobias visited several camps on the outskirts of Rangoon. He showed me truly shocking "before eviction and after" photographs.

"This photo shows what the place looked like before," said Tobias.

Along a road, hundreds of miserable looking Burmese people hunched under makeshift shelters -- blue and orange sheets. To the sides of the road was swamp -- the site of their former village.


The disturbing scene -- as Tobias described the it to me -- and I blogged previously:
"I returned to the village the following day" said Tobias. "But everyone was gone. I was told the army had come early in the morning and forced everyone to clear out."

Tobias showed me another photograph. The same road where hundreds crouched was almost deserted. It was an most disturbing sight.

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