Friday, May 23, 2008

Should the UN fire Ban Ki-moon?

Burma's top leader has agreed to let all foreign aid workers into the country for relief work in cyclone-hit areas, UN head Ban Ki-moon has said. . . .

Mr Ban said he thought Gen Than's decision was a breakthrough.(BBC)
Has this man learned nothing? When the junta announces it will be allowing aid workers into Burma, this does not necessarily mean that they will be given permits to travel to far flung regions of the Irrawaddy Delta.*

* See for example, this post: ". . . the military government has banned foreign aid workers from traveling to the delta . . . ."
Update: The NY Times reports, "It was not immediately clear how much leeway international aid workers would have in visiting the most stricken areas of the Irrawaddy Delta, or, indeed, how the military authorities perceived the scope of their reported agreement to permit an expanded relief effort." That's really the whole question here.

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