Monday, May 26, 2008

Myanmar PM tells conference Myanmar will open to receive aid

Myanmar's Prime Minister Lt. Gen. Thein Sein told an international aid donors conference on Sunday the cyclone-ravaged nation was willing to accept foreign relief workers, ending a three-week standoff in which restrictions on foreign specialists have complicated recovery efforts.

The first public comments by a high-ranking official of the military junta came during a meeting of about 50 governments and international donor agencies in Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, to coordinate the financial response to the disaster.

"Relief supplies can be transported by land, air or sea," Lt. Gen Thein Sein told the conference, the Associated Press reported. "But if relief supplies have to be transported by water, civilian vessels can come in through Yangon port."  (WSJ)

Unfortunately, we cannot take the junta at its word.  The main question is whether international aid workers can distribute the aid, delivering it to far flung regions by helicopter and boat.  

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