Monday, May 12, 2008

Burma junta true to character

On 5 May I blogged,
Publication of reliable death toll statistics by Burma's junta or accurate reports of the magnitude of the devastation will surly result in the outside world exerting strong pressure that the Myanmar junta allow foreign aid and assistance. Myanmar knows this. . . Therefore, it is entirely possible that the Myanmar regime will seek to obscure the true extent of the devastation from Cyclone Nagris.

Today CNN reports:

The United Nations estimates the death toll from last weekend's Cyclone Nargis ranges from 63,000 to 100,000, well above the Myanmar government's estimate of about 22,000. Tens of thousands of people are missing.

The Burmese regime has remained true to character throughout the cyclone crisis. Neither the magnitude of the tragedy nor the proximity of humanitarian assistance has made one iota of difference. It's as if the generals have the country on autopilot.

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