Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Burma agriculture devastated

New reports seem to confirm the worst of my suspicions. Burma's argricultural sector has been extremely hard by Cyclone Nagris. The Nation (Thailand) reports:

A Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) spokesperson in Bangkok said damage was expected to Burma's annual crops, particularly rice, oil palm and rubber.

Based on preliminary assessments received from FAO resident staff, the five farm states hit by Nargis produce 65 per cent of the country's rice and have about 50 per cent of all irrigated farmland.

Rubber plantations in the affected states cover some 20 per cent of the national total, while livestock production, fish and shrimp farms were also damaged.

Bloomberg reported Burma may be forced to import rice after crops were wiped out, potentially adding further pressure to global food supplies as prices rise. Rice futures rebounded.

The world is going to have to feed Burma, which has a population of 55 million. Amid global shortages, where will the food come from? The rice?

Recall in early April, I blogged of such a scenerio.
Map: AFP via intelasia.

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  1. Hello,
    I am a volunteer for a national animal welfare organization. Does anyone know of a group in Burma that is looking for assistance to help the animals? We would like to work to provide assistance, but we are having trouble identifying a legitimate group. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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