Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One law for the rich, another for the poor

The twenty-year-old son of a rich Thai family recently drove over some people standing by the side of the road in a fit of road rage. One woman died, several others were injured. It seems a Bangkok public bus had scratched the side of his Mercedes. Many bus passengers witnessed the whole incident. According to the BBC, "The bus driver reported that his father had arrived at the scene and threatened to use his police connections against the passengers."

The daughter of the poor woman killed, having asked for less than the cost of a scratched Mercedes in compensation from the young man, has yet to receive a dime. She now worries that further insistence for compensation might bring her "bad karma."

Meanwhile, the young man -- still free to drive around Bangkok-- got into another altercation with a bus. This time "he told traffic police who responded that he knew high-ranking police officers."

More at Bankok Pundit.

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