Monday, March 31, 2008

China urban legend gets debunked

Were the riots in Lhasa staged by Chinese soldiers? An investigation in two parts (click here for PART II: THE MYSTERY DEEPENS)


I first learned about this interesting photo yesterday via a comment by . He writes:
Those Chinese bloggers are stupid and worthless, let’s see them try to address this photo:
Now, if you go to this China news website you find a very different interpretation, summarized in a comment by George at Global Voices:
The first picture in the link shows that the tibet monks were changing their clothes to Chinese Public Security force uniform to fake suppression. This shows their intent to cheat the world. Their monk robes were still in hand. Their standing formation, monk’s haircut style (shaved) and white socks all betray their real identity. . . . Just like their master liar Dalai, they are trying to spreading lies about China in such a shameless way.
So who correctly interpreted the photo? The anti-PRC blogger or the PRC defender? The answer, it turns out, is neither. As EastSouthWestNorth blogger explains,* it's an old photo:
The photo had appeared first on the back cover of the 2003 Annual Report of the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy (see link). In all likelihood, this has more to do with some movie filmed in Tibet that required a cast of monks. Since real Tibetan monks will not appear as set extras, the next bet is to ask for the Chinese People's Liberation Army to lend its soldiers.

It would be interesting if we could identify where this old 2003 photo first reemerged.

UPDATE: See this
this post concerning a statement made by the Dalai Lama at a recent news conference.
Thank you to Anonymous who debunked this urban legend. This post was edited several hours after I first posted it to reflect input regarding the first photo from this reader in the old Comments for this post. (This post was edited a second time Tuesday morning, to clarify some points that had some readers confused. On April 2 I divided this post into two separate posts, this being the first of two segments).

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  1. The truth of the photo: military police take part in as cast in a movie filming in 2001.

    It is very common for filming in China where a lot of cast needed. Because it is easy to get a horde of people, who are well organized and less costly.

    If police want to pretend monk and do dirty thing, will they change clothes in a crowded street?

    Basic logic, guys!

    The time is 2001 is verified by the old style of police's uniform.

    From the way that Dalai clique throw out this photo, you may have a clue of his integrity.

    Anyway, Chinese government stupidly tried to hide anything negative. Dalai's dirty compaign based on lie and distortion is as shameful, if not worse.


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