Wednesday, April 30, 2008

China foreign ministry will not condemn Chinese hooligans at torch relays

I have blogged about the torch relays in East and Southeast Asia. There have been various reports of pro-Tibet protesters getting harassed and attacked by Chinese demonstrators. AFP reports that China's foreign ministry has chosen not to condemn the behavior of abusive pro-China people:

"Some Chinese students came out to safeguard the dignity of the torch. I believe that's natural," Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said when asked to comment on the clashes.

"Perhaps there were some radical actions, but we should recognise the real situation there."

China, which has repeatedly denounced anti-Chinese mayhem in earlier legs of the torch relay, declined to directly condemn the behaviour of its own students when invited to do so by journalists at a briefing in Beijing.

"We condemn large-scale violent demonstrations. As to the Chinese students and overseas Chinese, they just had some frictions with those who disrupted and sabotaged the torch relay there. That's totally different," Ms Jiang said.

Totally different.

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