Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This may be Tibet's last chance

There is also the Han Chinese influx into Tibet. Four million come every year thanks to the new railway. Even if five or 10% stay, the Tibetans will be swamped in a few years. No this is their last chance. It's an act of desperation.
- Claude Arpi, an Indian-based writer who has written extensively on Tibet

We won’t be silenced anymore. No longer will we suffer inhuman acts of repression, cultural genocide and religious subjugation. We want the world to support us in our fight for the liberation of a nation that is justly and rightfully ours.

The spark has lit a fire which was simmering in us for a long time and now it will burn more brightly and more brilliantly than ever in the days to come. The time has come for all Tibetans to rise and fight for freedom.

It is NOW or never. FREE TIBET
- Tenzin Chodon

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