Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What happened in Tibet and elsewhere in China on Monday?

It's 02:30 in Bangkok and 03:30 in China

Some late evening reports out of Tibet of protests having taken place on Monday (TCHRD via Phayul 1 and 2)
  • Tibetan students of the Tibetan Medical College, Teacher Training Higher Institute and other colleges in Tsoe City, Kanlho (Ch: Gannan) Prefecture, Gansu Province, "TAP" had carried out protest demonstrations in their respective university premises in an apparent opposition to the Chinese rule in Tibet. The protests in the campuses took place around the same time in the morning of 17 March 2008, spontaneously. . . The protest movement inside Tibet is gradually changing its trend with intellectual community such as students of universities and even the middle schools. The trend is significant as their being 'literate' and 'educated' part of the community. It shows the educated section of the Tibetan community too is raising their voices and resentment against the Chinese government.
  • Multiple sources within Tibet confirmed that, around 200 Tibetan devotees consist of lay and clergy were receiving a religious sermon from a local religious teacher, Trulku Tenzin Pai Wangchuk in Chigdril County (Ch: Juizhi Xian), Golog "Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture" ("TAP").
  • In a separate incident this evening, hundreds of monks and ordinary people of Lungkar Monastery Chigdril County, Golog "TAP" were observing candlelight vigil, expressing their solidarity with the Tibetan protestors in various parts of the Tibet. The Chinese security personnel were keeping a close eye on all of the demonstrations and situation was tense at the moment.
While Lhasa was still swarming with troops, Chinese troops fanned out to quell sympathy protests that have spread to three neighboring provinces. More forces were mobilizing across western China's mountain valleys and broad plains to deal with protests in Tibetan communities in Gansu, Sichuan and Qinghai provinces. (AP)
Gansu Province:
In Maqu county, which borders Sichuan, thousands of monks and ordinary Tibetans clashed with police Monday in various locations, police and a Tibet rights group said.

"We have nothing to protect ourselves and we can't fight back," said an officer at the county police headquarters who refused to give his name or other details. He said about 10 police were injured.

In the city of Lanzhou about 500 Tibetan students who gathered Sunday on the Northwest Minorities University's soccer field abandoned an overnight vigil. Fifty tried to march into the city, only to be blocked by security forces from leaving the campus. . .
Sichuan Province:
. . . witness said troops moved into Ma'erkang county, next to an area where clashes between monks and police broke out Sunday with unconfirmed reports that as many as seven were killed.
At Central Nationalities University in Beijing, an elite school for ethnic minorities, 100 students held a silent candlelight vigil, sitting down in an outdoor plaza Monday night.

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