Monday, March 3, 2008

On Burma question, Thailand feigns innocence

On the weekend, The Bangkok Post published a strange editorial which argued that the US ought to pressure Chevron to divest from Burma. There was not one word in the editorial about Thailand's continued trade with the Burmese regime. Not one word about the Thai foreign minister's recent promise to overlook Burma human rights issues while Thailand pursues trade with the regime. The editorial stated:
According to Human Rights Watch, natural gas sales are the government's single largest source of income, which is primarily used to maintain the military machine and line the pockets of those in power. The threat of withdrawal of Chevron's resources could be a powerful incentive for negotiation with the opposition.
Just who buys so much of Burma's natural gas? Thailand! But you wouldn't know that from the editorial -- which made no mention of Thailand.

The article concluded: "Without such sacrifices, which ideally would include India and China, it appears unlikely that anything will change in Burma." Yet neither China or India, but Thailand is the number one trading partner with Burma's repressive junta! It seems from the Thai perspective, sacrificing is only something to be expected of countries.
* Bangkok Pundit's post about Burma-Thai trade is illuminating.

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