Tuesday, March 18, 2008

National Olympic Committee Responses to Tibet

How are the IOC and the various international Olympic committees responding to the Tibet crisis?

International Olympic Committee:
vice president Thomas Bach said the committee will speak with China about human rights, but boycotting the games "would be the wrong way because that will cut lines of communication."
Swiss Olympic Committee:
The head of the Swiss Olympic Committee told state-owned DRS radio that he is against a boycott but wants the IOC to intervene with China over the troubles in Tibet.

"The Rubicon has been crossed," Joerg Schild said. "I can't bring myself to say that we're going to go there and do sport."
EU Justice and Home Affairs Office: "The Olympics must be held in an atmosphere of true brotherhood . . . Otherwise this feast of sport would be seriously at risk."

Dalai Lama: On record as opposing an Olympic boycott.

The question remains: to boycott or not to boycott Beijing 2008? For more on this question, please see this post. Also, I have surveyed various government reactions to the Tibet crisis here.

Sources: CNN (via AP),
Hat tip to Rconversation, image thief.

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