Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kadfly's live-blogging of the Tibet crisis

Kadfly was live-blogging the Tibet crisis from Lhasa at least until Friday night. He has photos, first-hand reporting, and links to a video.*

On Friday Kadfly wrote:
Currently there are massive fires on the street outside and basically every store has been gutted. At least two deaths have been confirmed. PLA troops have moved in with huge armoured transport trucks and put out some of the fire.
For a Tibet protest timeline -- including a report of events on Saturday -- see this post.
Update: Ken (Kadfly) posted again on the 17th of March: he says it's quiet. It so happens that his best friend, Adam Juice also has a blog, and Adam provides some helpful background info about Ken and his blogging experience. Apparently the only journalist in Lhasa at the time was a reporter for the Economist.
* To view for free this site makes you wait for two minutes and then asks you to enter a password, otherwise you can pay for instant access.
Photo: Kadfly

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