Sunday, March 30, 2008

CNN statement on Tibet coverage

Tibet was not an easy situation to write about! Not for a blogger like me, and especially not for news networks that must go the extra mile to verify sources. Nonetheless, CNN has been subjected to relentless attacks on its coverage in the new media. As I blogged here and here, I believe the attacks on CNN concerning its coverage of Tibet to have been unfair, unreasonable, and unsubstantiated. CNN has now issued a statement concerning its coverage of the Tibet crisis. Money quote:
CNN refutes all allegations by bloggers that it distorts its coverage of the events in Tibet to portray either side in a more favorable light. We have consistently and repeatedly shown all sides of this story. The one image in question was used wholly appropriately in the specific editorial context and there could be no confusion regarding what it was showing, not least because it was captioned: "Tibetans throw stones at army vehicles on a street in the capital Lhasa." The picture gallery included in Tibet stories includes the image.


  1. CNN apology is laughable.

  2. It is not an apology!


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