Thursday, March 20, 2008

Australian tourist's video depicts mayhem in Lhasa Tibet

The video shows Tibetans smashing windows and setting fire to Chinese shops and cars, while people are heard cheering. It also shows Chinese security forces, but no clashes between them and the rioters.

"It's absolute mayhem on the streets," Smith said.

Other video released of the rioting was broadcast by the Chinese government's CCTV, and it did not include pictures of Chinese security forces.

Smith said as he made his way back to his hotel on Friday, he "met so many Tibetan people on the streets, so many young Tibetan boys just screaming for Tibet's freedom."

"We don't have any freedoms," one young Tibetan male shouted to Smith's camera.

"The Tibetan people are going crazy," Smith said.
You can watch the video at CNN.

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