Thursday, February 7, 2008

US election candidate with the best website

A Jotman reader, displeased with a recent post, pointed out that Obama has the best website. "Hillary's website is crap," noted the reader. He also pointed me to a NY Times article which make the case that Obama is a "Mac," and Hillary a "PC" -- at least in their online presence.

There's something to be said for the analogy. Obama's website has the gloss-candy feel that has become an Apple trademark. has a homemade feel to it; the look you get when your software engineers is charged with graphic design. Personally, Obama's webite reminds me not so much of a Mac, but of a drug company website. Soft and fuzzy, soothing, no hard edges anywhere. Easy to swallow. Incidentally, this illustrates the problem I have been having with Obama's message: it seems to be about feeling good again. Kinda like . . . a drug commercial.

You wouldn't think John McCain's website is for the same election as Obama's. The visitor is confronted with dark gray pages lined with military stars. The website looks like War on Terror Central Command. It has a menacing feel, as if the candidate is truly a soldier for the Dark Side.

The prospect of a galactic showdown between the forces of light and the darkness is almost enough to make me hope Obama makes it to be the Democratic nominee.

US Campaign Resources:

Voices without Votes is a new site launched by Global Voices. It was a brilliant idea: this website is a chance for the rest of the world to express their opinions on an election that matters to everybody, but which most unfairly, only a few get to vote. presents presidential race from the perspective of technology. They initially give both Obama and John Edwards the high marks for running technology savvy campaigns.

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