Monday, February 11, 2008

From overseas, a plea to US voters: Give us boring!

A Jotman reader writes from Hong Kong:
It's a pity indeed that Edwards is out. After these several years of negative publicity coupled with economic mismanagement, for the sake of international image, I'd say the US should show the world someone who could restore the country's reputation at home and overseas. I mean the world needs someone who could just simply be a decent guy, not necessarily heading a revolutionary turnaround, or declaring another crusade against something imaginary. In other words, we foreigners would want to see a Gerald Ford or a Jimmy Carter. . .

Obama winning or another Clinton, or even McCain (hope not!) would be way "too American" even for America. These folks seem to enjoy the limelight too much, which to me inevitably casts suspicion.


  1. How about we pick what we want
    We will never please the world.
    We should leave Iraq and all foreign aid to all countries

    We should allow the Chinese to become the new world police.
    Then you will not ask for boring

  2. I was about to say almost exactly what the other poster already posted. As I said before, we will always be damned if we do and damned if we don't. I am ready to pull out of all other countries, aid and all, and just let China or the EU take over.


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